the farm

Our family lives simply and happily on our 27 acre farm, east of Ceresco, Nebraska.  Nestled, ever so cozy, in between the city life of Omaha and Lincoln.  We are a little spoiled since we get the solitude, beauty and quietness of the country but are around 30 minutes from the gems of what both larger cities offer.  We have never felt so at home, so content and so fulfilled as we do right now.  I am rustling up the genes that have been calmly waiting for their turn to dominate my life…given by both of my grandmothers, they had no problem sewing an outfit at the last minute, canning an entire garden with a smile, or renovating a room in the house like it was just an average day.  So with the help of those genes that are ready to roll, my husband and his family (who share a lifetime of country knowledge and experiences) and my two witty and adventuresome children, we’re gonna give this thing a go.

Thanks for tagging along!  Our door is always open…

4 responses to “the farm

  1. We dove in head first and are loving every minute…the lavender is learning us daily. So is the country life. We don’t really have any of the genes for this but are hoping lots of heart gets us through.

    jardin du soleil

  2. Nanci Mcelroy

    where do I purchase the notched cookie cutters????

    • Hi Nanci! I have contacted the supplier of these cookie cutters and should have them available this summer! They are really hard to find so I decided to just offer them when we open our shop! I’ll be sure to let you know!

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