the lavender learned me…

We have been through the mill over here!  It’s been a whirlwind!  Planting more lavender, enjoying the growth of the second year plants, learning, making mistakes, mowing things that shouldn’t have been mowed.  Consider us schooled…for now.  I’m sure the lavender will learn us every year.  Here are a few things that will help us go into next year a tad bit smarter…

If you let the weeds grow, your farm dog will think it’s a short cut when chasing critters off the property.

When you put new plants in the ground, flag them or put something by them because your farm dog won’t pay attention and take the short cut when chasing critters off the property.

If you cut lavender too early, it will wilt and your bouquet will look really sad.

A goose might uproot a lavender plant out of curiosity but they find out quickly that lavender is not something they want to eat.

At the end of the season caterpillars love to hang out on the stems, be careful cutting the final bunches of lavender or you may behead one!

If you dig holes one day and go the next to put the plants in, check for toads first or you’ll scream when one jumps out at you.

Chickens love the lavender field and are very polite about leaving the plants alone.

Flag the new plants before you mow, or you may mow over one…and you’ll know this when you get a huge whiff of lavender while mowing.  Not a good sign!

Weed cloth is the best invention in the entire world.

Have a scripted answer for “Lavender?  What’s lavender?”

The 2011 lavender season is officially over now.  So, it’s product experimentation time!  I’m sure there will be many more “oops’s” to share!  And I’ll share them!  Happy Autumn!



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4 responses to “the lavender learned me…

  1. Love this!!! I don’t have caterpillars in the field, I have Praying Mantis and Ladybugs now. I need to find a way to get my chickens out to my lavender.

  2. Shawni, the early years are always a sharp learning curve. However, you’ve learned the best thing first. Do it with humor! And, you do it so well.

  3. Ari Arzola

    Wow Shawini, I just love your blog page. Keep it up and keep us informed of your activities and plans.

  4. @Deborah: I find that when there are a lot of yummy insects for the birds to eat, I don’t supplement with feed near as often. If you limit their feed supplement they will venture out further and further.
    @Mike and Ari: Thank you both! 🙂

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