ground work

More plants are in the ground!  It was a collaborative effort with Justin and I, the kiddos and our wonderful neighbor Esther!  She was a huge help!  So we have 13 varieties of lavender in the ground.  Some did better than others for various reasons.  We are trying to keep track of the growth of the different cultivars before we suggest plants for our area.

Welcoming our new plants.

It looks like we will add plants for the next few years.  Lavender takes a good three to four years to come to full growth, so when we open next Spring, we are opening with plants in their second and third year.  Some farms wait to open several years after full growth but we want to share our growth with our community.

The kiddos helping plant.

We have some very exciting plans for next year!  Some great collaborations are being planned with local individuals and businesses in Eastern Nebraska.  Many of these are businesses we have patroned and individuals we have known over the years and admire for their sustainable efforts and local support.  We also look forward to working with new and exciting local people so let us know if you have some ideas to share!

Our purpose is strong.  We want our community businesses to succeed so we spend our daily lives buying goods and using services from these people.  Helping each other helps everyone!  So, here’s to Nebraska…the good life!



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4 responses to “ground work

  1. Shawni, how come there are no pictures of you working?

  2. Just ran across your blog tonight while wondering if there were any lavender fields in Nebraska. I will definitely be driving by next year. Can’t wait!

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