lavender mint shortbread cookies

So, here is my disclaimer when I give you all recipes:  I take a recipe and I use whatever I have in the house at the time and many times I approximate when I throw it in!  Let go of the expectation that you must follow a recipe exactly (thanks Jean Johnson), and just have some fun!

I made these with my notched cookie cutters.  I made a cup of English Breakfast tea to go with these and they were so quaint and so AMAZING.



1 1/2 cups of softened butter-just a tad soft

2/3 cup of white sugar-I like them sweeter so I use 1 cup

2 tbs fresh lavender-we’re gonna chop it up

1 tbs fresh mint leaves-we’re gonna chop this up too

1 tsp grated lemon zest

1/2 cup cornstarch

1/4 cup confectioners sugar

2 1/2 cups flour

1/4 tsp salt-if you love sea salt, we’ll need to give this a chop too


Preheat the oven to 325 degrees.

To start out, I took the white sugar, mint, lemon zest, sea salt (I just like sea salt better than regular salt, but it’s chunky so we’ll need to give it a chop) and lavender and put them in a food processor.  Now, this is not the time of year for fresh lavender, so I used dried culinary lavender.  I used the same amount as fresh because I LOVE lavender and like it a little stronger in my dishes.  Normally, if I substitute fresh for dried I will use less (about half the amount called for).  I know I am getting a little windy here, but I do want to tell you that I didn’t have a lemon the day I made these so I just squirted in some lemon juice.  What the heck, right?  And, I can tell you that if you aren’t a fan of lemon, go ahead and put something else citrus-y you like in there.  That citrus pang is a must!

Ok, so put all this in a food processor and chop, chop, chop.  It’s so great because the granulated sugar helps to chop up the lavender and mint into fine little particles.  Be ready, because this will smell INCREDIBLE!  This is where I stopped and yelled to my hubs:  “Get over here!  You have to smell this!”

Put this in a bowl with the butter, add the confectioners sugar and give her a mix until she’s fluffy.  This is where I taste it, and taste it, and just for good measure I will probably taste it again.

Put in the flour and cornstarch.  I use old-fashioned elbow grease whenever possible so I just stirred this in.  You should probably taste this again.  A few times.  I mean, you want to make sure the yummy dough is just right.


Aren't these cute?! They're notched to sit on your cup!

Divide this in two or three balls and put a layer of plastic wrap under and over them.  Get your handy dandy roller (or hey, your hand would be great too!) and roll these puppies out until it’s however thick you want your cookies.  See, a proper cook would probably tell you to get them 1/4 in. thick, but I believe in throwing caution to the wind!  If you want big ol’ thick cookies then by all means make ’em that way (just remember to adjust your baking time).  Make sure the flattened dough is covered well in plastic and let them sit in the fridge for about 10 minutes or so, until they are pretty firm.  This will make them easier to work with.

Cut into shapes.  I don’t use any cooking pans with a coating, so I wiped my cookie sheet with veggie oil before I put the cookies on.

Bake them around 18-20 minutes (depending on thickness) just until the edges start to get a tan.  Let ’em rest a smidgen and then put them on a wire rack to cool.  For years I just put everything on a plate to cool and they turned out just fine.  Ok, when I try a new recipe I usually put maybe a half dozen cookies into the oven just to see if they turn out delish.  Well, good thing I did, because my cookies went as flat as Britney singing live.  Soooooo, after a couple of different tries, a google search and a frantic call to Aunt Kay, I just simply added more flour.  WAH-LAH!  Perfect!  (cue me dusting the flour off my shoulders with gangsta attitude).  We have shortbread baby!  Good job!

This is my favorite cup. The little chip gives it character!

Now this part is VERY important:  Make your favorite tea, and invite a gaggle of friends over to sip and nibble.  If you have manly dudes in the house and wonder if they will eat little teeny tiny cookies, never fear.  I have never seen one of my dudes resist food they didn’t have to make themselves!



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14 responses to “lavender mint shortbread cookies

  1. kay vincent

    I love the way you say things! I’m going to have to try this recipe .they look so dainty and delicious. love ya, mom

  2. Kay S

    These look delicious. When will the next batch be ready? 😉 You know if I make them I will just eat all of them.

  3. Try them out! They were extra yummy. If you like a sweeter shortbread, put a little extra sugar in them.

  4. Murphy

    Thanks for the recipe! They made a great dessert tonight served w/ ice cold vanilla pudding….definitely one cup of sugar too!

  5. Oh boy…that sounds DELISH! If you have photos, feel free to post them on our FB page. Would love to see some! 🙂

  6. Sara

    I love using Herbs as I am a member of the Nebraska Herbal Society and we would like to visit you in the next year or so-Your website is grand.

  7. Thank you so much Sara! I have been in touch with Nancy in your group who is forwarding Rose the info I gave her! I can’t wait to host groups as well as the public! I am actually going to join NHS and am really excited about it. Thanks again for your sweet comment!

    • Sara

      Shawni-where do you get the cookie cutters??? I have now made these cookies for several important events and they were “loved” by all. I want now to try th cookie cutters as I was just making a small heart cookie as they are filled with LOVE.

      • I am so glad for you! My sister and I did a batch together and there is something about the smells and the hands-on process that just make you love everything about them! I picked up these little cookie cutters from a local place in Lincoln, NE called the Quilted Kitty! They usually have them available and I hope to have them available through us once we get the farm catalog up and going (which will be soon). Here is their website! Give them a call!

  8. Deborah

    Love! Also love the cookie cutters, I’ve never seen them before, but I am going to have to get some. Thanks!

  9. Valerie Randall

    Oh, Shawni, the lavender mint shortbread cookies are just wonderful! I did post a picture on facebook for you. I just know my parents will love them when they receive them for their 40th anniversary. I can’t tell you how much it meant that you provided me with the lavender buds. Everything came together as it was meant to. I wish your farm the best of luck, and you must know that I will be back someday, and I will definitely bring my boys with me!

    I have made 2 batches of the cookies. Each time, my older son has commented “what smells so good?”, and “that smells like sunshine”. We think of the bees and how happy they must be in your field. We think of wind, sunshine, and well, it is just so darn fun to make these cookies, because they are exactly that…they are the wind, sunshine, and each one is as unique as a snowflake is unique. Pure simplicity. Perfection in imperfection. Made with love from seed, through the harvest, the preparation, and from the oven. Thank you.

  10. I’m so delighted you visited my blog and so I found yours! What treats I’m finding. In fact, I was wondering whether I might write about lavender recipes soon. Could I use one of your recipes, write something about an American lavender farm and link back here, please? That would be lovely.

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