the beginning…sort of

Once upon a time, we came to a beautiful place…our farm.  With endless views, a meadow, tree-lined creek, rustic corrals and arena, old barn/buildings full of character and a modest home…we found happiness.  After getting settled, it was time to kick around what in the world we were going to do with our 27 acres.  Taking care of a farm is very hard work.  There are decisions you must make based on a sense of responsibility to your land.  We were so excited at the possibilities that we wanted to do everything right away!  Then the reality of that idea set in and we realized that having a working farm is a process.  It requires flexibility, room for growth and time.

Preparing the Southest field for planting.

So, the first year, we just tried to keep up with the mowing and planted some fruits and veggies for family.  Getting our hands dirty…kind of just getting settled.  We then decided that we would make a plan for the years to come.  My husband’s aunt absolutely loved lavender and we talked about it frequently….”maybe we should grow a few plants!”  As we did our lavender homework, we were overwhelmed by the romantic and practical history of this beautiful herb!

That fall, while we owned our coffee shop in town, we played with different flavors for our latte’s, smoothies and steamers.  I decided to give lavender a try and I WAS HOOKED!  So were our customers!  The lavender flavoring we made in the shop was a customer favorite.  Unfortunately, our lease terms had changed and it was not workable for our coffee shop.  So, feeling a little down and exhausted, we moved everything to the farm.  This was such a blessing in disguise because we were able to really put time into farm planning!

A fresh cut bouquet at Prairie Lavender Farm in Bennington, Kansas.

We visited some lavender farms in Kansas (yes, Kansas!).  They were so gracious and took time to let us chew their ear a little about the business of lavender and all its possibilities…we had so many questions!  And the lavender on these farms…oh, the lavender!  The smell was addictive.  It was beyond comforting.  It was like nothing I have ever smelled…beauty in an aroma.  So, back to the farm we went, with an even stronger confidence and excitement that we were going in a good direction.  We wanted to share the relaxed, enjoyable, free feeling we got every time we came home to the farm and combine it with the amazing sense of calmness you get when you are surrounded by lavender.  So, here we are.  And, here we go!  Whatever happens, it will be quite an adventure!



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14 responses to “the beginning…sort of

  1. kay vincent

    what a beautiful story Who doesn’t like lavender– no one. You go girl! Shawni, no matter what you go in to, you do such a great job. love ya, mom

  2. Jenni

    Let the journey begin woody creek lavender!! Can we switch lives for a bit so I can smell lavender fields every morning when I wake up??? I bet it’s even better than coffee! Wishing you crazy amounts of fortune and even more happiness.

  3. Bing Blatny

    I loved reading about Woody Creek Lavender Farm.. I am sure you will be ready for the lovely blooms as spring and summer follow this not so nice winter ! I wish you the best!

  4. Beautiful blog Shawni. Good job… looking forward to meeting you in Texas. yes, it is a labor of love indeed. I’m still hooked and it’s been a 8 years. Many blessings your way.

  5. Hey Shawni! Looking good! I like the blog. I also love the picture of you smelling the bundle in one of my fields!!!!! See you in two weeks in Kerrville.

  6. Thank you so much Sarah! I am very much looking forward to meeting you and experiencing the conference! See you then…

  7. Thanks Mike! We can’t wait to come visit again this year, the smell was like a little piece of heaven.

  8. Christina

    Oh Shawni! I am so excited for you and your family! What a wonderful thing you are doing! Your passion and ambition is so amazing. It’s felt 1/2 way across the country! I am so happy for you and can’t wait to see the fruits of your labor come this spring. 🙂

  9. I miss you! Come around here soon. Thanks so much.

  10. Hi
    The Country Register goes to press next week and we love lavender. We feature the one lavender farm in Arizona in our June-July issue but in the Northwest in our Oregon and also our Washington papers we feature lavender on the front covers, they do big festivals and we advertise these events. Go to and also which has the most lavender features and ads. Do you have lavender for sale yet, have any festival as yet? We would love to feature you this next issue and if you have product to sell yet put a small ad in to support the article. If not we would still feature you in hopes of advertising your lavender in future years.

    When you look up our papers on line go to current issue. We do Arizona, Oregon, Washington and Nebraska and I am the founder of the chain of Country Register papers.
    Barbara Floyd, Founder
    The Country Register

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